Injectors from Inject Star convince particularly through the innovative technology combined with the modern design. The results are absolute homogenous injection rates as well as an optimised brine distribution within the product. 


The assortment of Inject Star injectors is diversified:

  • red meat, poultry, fresh meat, fish & seafood

  • meat with and without bones

  • working width from 300 to 800 mm

  • with crank or linear drive (depending on model)

  • with manual or touch screen computer control (depending on model)

  • with up to 4 needle heads (depending on model)

  • „New-Twist-System“ for an easy and quick exchange of processing tools

  • various needle/knife combinations

  • uncooled / cooled

  • various optional supplementary equipment

Injectors from Inject Star therefore leave nothing to be desired and represent the perfect solution for small and medium-sized companies as well as the industry



working width 300 mm

max. 1 needle head

max. 60 needles

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working width 400 mm

max. 2 needle heads

max. 200 needles

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working width 600 mm

max. 2 needle heads

max. 312 needles

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working width 600 mm

max. 4 needle heads

max. 624 needles

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working width 800 mm

max. 4 needle heads

max. 848 needles

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