Air Conditioning & Maturing Units

The Doleschal air conditioning and maturing units from Inject Star convince especially through energy efficiency as well as environmentally-friendly treatment of raw sausage and semi-dried products.

  • Klima- & Reifeanlagen
  • Klima- & Reifeanlagen

The modern EcoClima system guarantees thanks to the exact temperature and humidity regulation consistent conditions within the complete climatic room – independent of size and time. The results are reliable ripening processes and high quality aromatic products.

In order to further increase the benefits of our global customers, our goal was to use energy as efficiently as possible for the conditioning of indoor air. Our developed real enthalpy control reduces energy consumption between 30 and 50 percent by using meteorological climate data from the respective location.

The performance-based adaption of the Doleschal air conditioning and maturing units by Inject Star is completely customized. At the same time, attention is paid to the product-specific requirements down to the smallest detail.

Doleschal – eine Marke von InjectStar®

A brand of Inject Star



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