Massaging Units / Tumblers

Massaging units from Inject Star are worldwide known for high quality, easy and intuitive operation as well as high quality final products.


Based on these characteristics the massaging units from Inject Star convince all along the line and represent the actual state of the art.

The assortment of Inject Star massaging units is diversified: 

  • red meat, poultry, fish & seafood

  • uncooled / cooled

  • horizontal / tiltable

  • manual control / touch screen computer control

  • friction wheel drive / direct drive

  • manual charging / lift / conveyor belt / vacuum suction

  • various optional supplementary equipment

Adapted to the individual and product specific requirements the massaging units from Inject Star are available in various sizes with different capacities and functions and represent the perfect choice for small and medium-sized companies as well as the industry.



capacities up to max. 6.500 kg (10.000 l)

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capacities up to max. 4.500 kg (10.000 l)

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capacities up to max. 1.485 kg (3.300 l)

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capacities up to max. 5.700 kg (12.000 l)

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Intensive Massaging Units (IM)

capacities up to max. 1.200 kg (1.540 l)

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Laboratory Massaging Units (Gusto)

capacities up to max. 2×125 kg (2×250 l)

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