Cooking Units

Doleschal cooking units from Inject Star, available in two different designs, for small and medium-sized companies as well as the industry

Suitable for


Components (optional):

  • internal, computer-controlled interval and permanent spraying

  • automatic cleaning system

  • production data acquisition “Data Pro”

  • operating per PDA


  • capacities up to max. 10 trolleys

  • gentle product treatment at minimal weight losses

  • compact preparation in hygienic design

  • touch screen computer control

  • extended shelf life of products

  • innovative Delta-T cooking programs

  • continuous core temperature surveillance

  • environmentally friendly and economical

  • energy-efficient

  • low operating and maintenance expenses

Models single row design

  • DH/DL-1000 KT

  • DH/DL-2000 KT

  • DH/DL-3000 KT

  • DH/DL-4000 KT

  • DH/DL-5000 KT

  • DH/DL-6000 KT

  • DH/DL-7000 KT

  • DH/DL-8000 KT

  • DH/DL-9000 KT

  • DH/DL-10000 KT

Models double row design

  • DH/DL-2000 KN

  • DH/DL-4000 KN

  • DH/DL-6000 KN

  • DH/DL-8000 KN

  • DH/DL-10000 KN