Roasting & Baking Units

Doleschal roasting and baking units from Inject Star for small and medium-sized companies as well as the industry

Suitable for


Components (optional)

  • steam cooking

  • shower system

  • automatic cleaning system

  • production data acquisition “Data Pro”

  • operation per PDA


  • capacities up to max. 4 trolleys

  • completely even temperature distribution and colouring

  • compact preparation in hygienic design

  • horizontal airflow technology

  • touch screen computer control

  • minimal weight losses

  • excellent insulation against heat losses

  • heating: electrically, oil, gas

  • exhaust air fan

  • environmentally friendly and economical

  • energy-efficient

  • low operation and maintenance expenses


  • UM-1/3000-H

  • UM-2/3000-H

  • UM-3/3000-H

  • UM-4/3000-H